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ICE Union President: Obama 'Inflating' Deportation Numbers, LA RAZA 'Running Our Agency'

Mark Levin: DON'T LOOK TO Charles Krauthammer or George Will for conservative leadership ~~~~~ Krauthammer is a member of CFR The NWO's organization

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Research! Know the Truth, It will set you free!


Dr. Ben Carson to Mark Levin: ‘Vicious white liberals are the most racist’; Vicious libs prove him right | Twitchy


Mark Levin's work is strongly influenced by "nature's small wonders." Leaves, flowers, fruit, seashells and nuts afford him the intimacy of hand-held curiosity, whereas, according to Mark, "mountains and oceans overwhelm; I don't stand a

“We nominated the wrong person,” Mark Levin thinks that blaming 'Never Trump' for an election loss is absurd