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Health Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil | Organic Facts


Have a Headache? Try our Headache Essential Oil Blend. 8 drops of Lavender essential oil. 5 drops of Marjoram essential oil. 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil. Add to 30 mL (1 OZ.) of Fractionated Coconut Oil and mix. Massage a few drops onto your temples and back of neck as needed. Visit our website at for more recipes and uses

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10 Ways To Use Marjoram Essential Oil

Ways to use Marjoram essential oil.


Natural remedies - insomnia and disturbed sleep: Majoram oil These are some cool #Marijuana Pins but OMG check this out #MedicalMarijuana (Like OurPage)

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Marjoram Essential Oil

10 Uses for Marjoram Essential Oil|

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Why Buy Essential Oils?

Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

Essential Oil Stress Relief diffuser blend. 3 drops of Lavender essential oil. 3…


Originating in China, marjoram soon became naturalized in Europe and Egypt. The Greeks and Romans would crown newlyweds with marjoram as a symbol of love and honor, and the Greek botanical name oreganum translates to “joy of the mountain.” Marjoram was widely thought to be an antidote to poison . Sprigs were hung in dairy to keep the air fresh and to enhance cleanliness and smell. Marjoram essential oil is known for its powerful antioxidant activity.

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Roller Bottle Blend Recipes with Free Printable Labels

Great roller bottle recipe for when you're feeling a little on edge and irritable. This blend of lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, and marjoram will help you chill out. click image for 20 more great essential oil roller bottle recipes and FREE PRINTABLE of all the recipes and roller bottle labels.