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Crinoid fossils. Rock containing crinoid (or sea lily) fossils. These are Scyphocrinus elegans crinoids from the Silurian/Devonian period (about 440-360 million years ago). Crinoids are marine echinoderms that appear as early as the Ordovician period (500 million years ago). These crinoids have stalks by which they would attach themselves to the seabed, capturing food with feathery arms that formed a cup (seen at lower right and upper centre). Thousands of extinct crinoid species have been…


The Amazing Sunken Cities Of The Ancient World

Egypt’s sunken treasures...Off the coast of the city of Alexandria, Egypt ~ Photo by...Underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio.


New technologies bring marine archaeology treasures to light

New technologies bring marine archaeology treasures to light | Science | The Guardian

1985 July 1, 1985 Titanic wreckage was discovered What would the world be like if RMS Titanic hadn't sunk


Wreck of the Bismarck - A shell casing from a main gun located in the debris field.

Pictured: Stunning photos of the Titanic shown on the base of the ocean nearly 100 years from that fateful night