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Black wings make up from eyes to cheeks. Dedication! It paid off...


You could get lost in weed smoke or you could be eating a delicious Dragon Teeth Mint

Coffee Bong! Wake and bake! Holy shit I need this


BEST way to get CBD - Now legal in all 50 states - Because CBD Oil from the Hemp plant does not contain illegal amounts of THC, it is legal in all 50 states. This is very important to people all over the US who are in need of CBD but can’t get it locally. In addition, legal CBD is available for home delivery in all 50 states meaning many people don’t have to relocate to a state with legalized Medical Marijuana.


ozzies-world: A map of referred pain, something nice to keep in mind when taking patient assessments.


Rain Clouds Cannabis Dab Rig | Medical Marijuana Quality Matters

3’s Word of the Day - iatrogenic - (of a medical disorder) caused by the diagnosis, manner, or treatment of a physician.


Drugs are so taboo, people are ignorant of the positive effects they can have. Of course there are negatives too, but that doesn't mean just because a substance is labelled a 'Drug' it's automatically bad. Weed is a plant. Do your research!

from The Huffington Post

Important Facts About Marijuana Legalization

I mean come on? People aren't criminals for smoking weed. Just because you smoke doesn't mean you're a bad person either.