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25 Dreamy Laundry Rooms -

Clean utility room - can be part of a "mud room" at the private family entry to the house, ex: from garage to house


History of Marginal Utility Theory (Paperback)

Diminishing Marginal Utility: exception to the law of demand that states a person will buy just so much of a oven product even though the price is low.


Republicans call Trump's 2nd Amendment remarks 'dumb,' 'reckless' but not a threat

Republicans call Trump's 2nd Amendment remarks 'dumb,' 'reckless' but not a…


Value and Prices in Russian Economic Thought :: <P>This book explores Russian synthesis that occurred in Russian economic thought between 1890 and 1920. This includes all the attempts at synthesis between classical political economy and marginalism; the labour theory of value and marginal utility; and value and prices. The various ways in which Russian economists have approached these issues have generally been addressed in a piecemeal fashion in history of economic thought literat...

Great essay from the new inquiry on what we pin about when we pin on pinterest. This seemed like an appropriate place to post it

from Mail Online

Was the story of Noah's Ark true? Archaeologist who found the Titanic claims Biblical flood DID happen 12,000 years ago

A 14th Century English manuscript showing Noah's Ark at the end of flood