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House of Tudor 1485 - 1603 family tree. To complete Henry VIII family tree SOTW sheet for Ch. 34b. WEEK 28


Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary Tudor. The surviving children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Prince of Wales, Queen of Scotland, King of England, and Queen of France.


Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland (1489-1541) | The Royal Collection. note carpet on floor and not on table


MARGARET TUDOR, QUEEN OF SCOTLAND, eldest daughter of Henry VII, king of England, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV, was born at Westminster on the 29th of November 1489. She married James IV of Scotland on the 8th of August 1503. Through her, the throne of England passed to the Stuarts.


Lady Margaret Plantagenet Crown worn at her wedding on 9th July 1468 to Charles the Bold of Bruges, it bears her name and the white roses of York in coloured enamel and is encrusted with pearls


On this day 28th May 1503 James IV and Margaret Tudor were married by Pope Alexander VI. A 'Treaty of Everlasting Peace' between Scotland and England was signed on that occasion. The everlasting peace lasted just ten years.


British Crown Jewels: The Crown of Scotland is the crown used at the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland. Remade in its current form for King James V of Scotland in 1540, the crown is part of the Honours of Scotland, the oldest set of Crown Jewels in the United Kingdom. It was made from Scottish gold from the Crawford Moor mine.