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How to Make Maple Syrup I: Choosing Trees and Getting Sap -

Make your own maple syrup! Part I explains how to select trees, including winter bud identification of sugar maple vs. red maple. Also explains how to collect sap.

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How to know when it is time to tap maple trees | Simple Bites #sugaringoff #urbanhomestead #maple

How to Make Maple Syrup II: Boiling, filtering, canning, color, and flavor -

Make your own maple syrup! Part I explained how to identify the trees and collect the sap, and this part details how to boil off the sap, and how to filter and can the syrup. Also covers info on color and flavor.

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Build a Homemade Maple Syrup Evaporator

Build a homemade maple syrup evaporator using these step-by-step instructions to harvest your maple syrup on your homestead.

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Sugar snow is a great time for tapping trees and cooking down maple sap into syrup! This shack made a wonderful shelter!!! Homestead-Blessings

Spiced Maple Manhattan

Spiced Maple Manhattan: A spiced maple syrup gives this old-school cocktail a spicy new twist.

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Small Batch Maple Syrup-Making: You Only Need 1 Tree

Maple Boiling: Small Batch Maple Syrup-Making: You Only Need 1 Tree! How to make maple syrup at home without sugar maples. Whole-Fed Homestead

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Bulletin #7036, How to Tap Maple Trees and Make Maple Syrup | Cooperative Extension Publications | University of Maine

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