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Build a homemade maple syrup evaporator using these step-by-step instructions to harvest your maple syrup on your homestead.


How to Make Maple Syrup II: Boiling, filtering, canning, color, and flavor -

Make your own maple syrup! Part I explained how to identify the trees and collect the sap, and this part details how to boil off the sap, and how to filter and can the syrup. Also covers info on color and flavor.


A big part of making your own maple syrup is taking the time to boil down the sap. This Youtube video shows you how to make a homemade maple syrup evaporator - a large unit to cook the syrup.


With maple sap collection complete, we'll show you the final syrup process. Learn how to boil down your maple sap, pre-filter the "almost syrup" solution, use a digital thermometer to reach 219 degrees, and turn your maple sap into delicious, homemade maple syrup. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on maple syrup making.

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How To Tap Maple Trees

Ever wondered how to tap maple trees for making syrup? Here is a simple guide to tapping your own maple trees. How To Tap Maple Trees |