Rock of Gibraltar: Gibraltar is a small, narrow peninsula, located at the southern edge of Spain. It overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar, and the northern coastal areas of Africa. Over the centuries, Gibraltar's unique position at the western entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, made it the focus of territorial power struggles, and those struggles (all be them peaceful) continue to this day.

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A map of Gibraltar and its fortifications, drawn in 1799 by Jean-Denis Barbié du Bocage

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I was here! Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantic ocean on the left, Mediterranean sea on the right. Spain Europe at top, African continent at bottom.

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Vintage Map of The Strait of Gibraltar (1780) Throw Pillow

Vintage Map of The Strait of Gibraltar (1780) Tie

ARIEL: "Something else," too, "Hauls me through air": the speaker, increasingly ethereal, unpeels, like the speaker in "Fever 1O3°," shedding "Dead hands, dead stringencies" as woman-horse becomes woman-arrow-dew, destroying herself in her unremitting drive toward resurrection.

Strait of Gibraltar Map; my most cultured, so to peak, travel experience to date, amazing!

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