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She never wanted to be a saint—she only wanted to save her child from the firestorm of bullets after the drug runners had come through. And as she whisked her child into an alley and covered her for safety, each gunshot that had pierced her body became a rose and her heart sprouted wings. And from then on, she knew she'd be her child's forever angel...

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Raise a glass to freedom… and the King Georges. | Community Post: The Kings Of "Hamilton" Did A Gender-Swapped Version Of "Schuyler Sisters"

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This man is so adorable and such a ray of sunshine, his morning and night tweets are so beautiful! :)

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This is Lin-Manuel Miranda. | 14 Things You Never Knew About Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Today I was talking about Hamilton to my friend who has never heard of Hamilton and she said "I thought you were talking about Hamlet" and then I proceeded to say "Yay Hamlet!" #MyDay

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