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Manchego Cheese

Castilla-La Mancha's most famous product both in Spain and throughout the world is Manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is one of the great ambassadors throughout the world for the region's cuisine. This cheese is an indispensable product in any pantry as well as in any kitchen. The Queso Manchego (which means Cheese from La Mancha) was awarded its Protected Geographical Indication (P.D.I.) in 1995.


Manchego Croquetas (street food monday]

Manchego is one of my favourite cheeses and Manchego Croquetas are life changing sticks of cheesy goodness. Forget mozzarella sticks, you will never look at mozzarella sticks again.


Manchego Cheese in Marinated Olives

Spanish olives soak up olive oil and spices and then are tossed with manchego cheese for a piquant appetizer that is simple yet elegant.


Manchego Cheese Fritters with Honey Mustard Ranch

Manchego Cheese Fritters with Honey Mustard Ranch are the perfect appetizer recipe for any party occasion! |


Chicken, manchego and chorizo briouats

Food Urchin's crisp filo parcels are a Spanish twist on a traditional Moroccan briouat, and can be adapted to many different ingredients and flavours. Here they are packed with chicken, chorizo and manchego cheese.


Minimal Monday: Fried Sage and Manchego Cheese Rolls

Fresh sage leaves are wrapped around chunks of Manchego cheese and quick fried for a delicious tapas style appetizer


Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Manchego

Everything tastes better with bacon, and dates are no exception. These sweet dates are stuffed with the rich, buttery Manchego cheese and then wrapped with salty, crispy bacon to create a perfectly delicious combination. Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Manchego make a perfect starter for any dinner entertaining.