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The most typical reason for clipping is to enable the horse to work comfortably and without undue sweating during the winter months when their coats grow naturally thicker. The clipped horse will be denied his natural protection from winter weather, and will need to be provided with additional protection in the form of both stable and waterproof outdoor rugs, ideally with suitable shelter facilities in his paddock.

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Rag-and-bone man, with horse and cart, once a common sight on British streets. He would call out Rag n' Bone Rag n' Bone and collect just those things and lived off the proceeds he could sell on. They still exist but now use vans and lorries

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// why don't you act on making it "not all men" or "not at all" rather than just butting in to put yourself on a high horse

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Horseback Archery. I really want to try this. 'cept I can barely hit anything with both feet on the ground and unmoving, and my riding skills really need brushing up on. XP

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"Goodbye Old Man" by Fortunino Matania. (December 1st, 1917 – Fins, Nord-du-Calais, France -WWI)

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"Horseman" Cowboy with Horse, Texas. He looks like he would be good on a farm. ;)

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At harvest time, Harlow Common (1943). Follow link to read Mary's story.The land girls were formed in 1939 to do the jobs on farms for the men gone off to war. This is England .We had the same in the U.S.

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Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built Tudor castle near Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England.

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