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Tune Out and Turn On…Laugh In

Sometimes I would need to negotiate hard with my mum and dad to be able to stay up to watch this (1960's) when I had school the next day

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Oh my god guys, but if there ever was an Asian Wizarding school, can the houses be the four elements please??? Like c'mon, Fire Nation people are totally Slytherins More

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Mr Bean - the funniest man alive (and also the meanest!) My childhood was a better place because of this guy -

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Sapphire and steel. Joanna Lumley and David McCallum. Great show! Joanna Lumley was my favourite female on telly when I was a kid and I loved David McCallum from the covers of the Man from Uncle books I used to read even though I never actually saw an episode until I was in my 20's!

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You can learn a lot from Uncle Iroh. You know, once you understand what he's saying.

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Idk know who he is but I've seen him a lot, and I feel bad for him even though this was probably like 15 years afo

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