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Handpicked London on

How awesome would it be to get a photo of this Pillar Box hugging tree?

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Pictures of the day: 25 October 2011

A red squirrel eats berries from a Yew tree , they are highly poisonous berries to humans or cattle as farmers will testify ,yet squirrels stomach these berries with impunity as evolution gave them a stomach that permits this to be digested , like pigs that eat food that is totally out of date and off , as again have stomach that can digest food unpalatable to other animals such as man

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Be inspired by this Victorian terrace

Kitchen-diner | Be inspired by this Victorian terrace | House tour | PHOTO GALLERY | Ideal Home |

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Hazel, Ogham name Coll, rules 5th August to 1st September. Around Connla's well grew the nine Hazel trees which contained all the knowledge of the world. From those trees dropped nine nuts, which imparted this knowledge to the salmon living in the well who ate them. Fionn cooked the salmon for the chief Druid to eat, but burnt his thumb on the cooking fish and sucked it to ease the pain, gaining the wisdom instead of his master.

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Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

Want to make the ultimate Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes? Here's the best recipe along with tips and tricks for them to work every single time.

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