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Peiper's Last Advance by Nicolas Trudgian . Peiper was the SS commander whose troops carried out the Malmedy Massacre of surrendered US troops. This looks like the Battle of the Bulge.

Fatal Crossroads: The Untold Story of the Malmedy Massacre at the Battle of the Bulge -- Paperback (432 pages), kindle -- Reconstruction of the story of the largest single atrocity committed against American POWs on the Western front in World War II. #WWII

The highly decorated SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper, 1.SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Peiper was convicted of war crimes and is mainly remembered as being complicit in the Malmedy massacre when on December 17th, 125 Americans were captured and gunned down by Peiper's men and was also accused of being complicit in the murder of another nineteen unarmed and captured Americans at Honsfeld and another 50 Americans at Büllingen.

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Germans who were tried and convicted as spies during the Battle of the Bulge executed; December 23, 1944

After the Malmedy Massacre (which took place just 5 days before this execution), there wasn’t much quarter given to SS infiltrators who were caught wearing stolen U.S. uniforms. Any captured SS soldier was shot, not just spies.

One of the few (if only) photos of Hitler with Joachim Peiper on the right. He was responsible for the wicked Malmedy massacre.

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Malmedy massacre The bodies are taken to Malmedy, where the autopsies would take place. 14 January 1945