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Double standards - Yep. Probably the least qualified - and least suited, temperamentally - candidate ever, has just won The World's Most Important Job. Meanwhile, by most measures the best-qualified & most experienced candidate ever (regardless of personal feelings about her..) has lost out. Without knowing anything more about them.. one could successfully surmise the gender of each. How damning a statement on our society is that? [RS '16]

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Ugh. Stop celebrating women who "prove" themselves on male-dominated playing fields! Find me ONE man who's ever given birth to a new human life. Women are already imbued with infinitely superior innate qualities. New rules. New "game". Not "theirs".

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Ben Hill Models Chic Neutral Fashions for Vogue Hombre Shoot

Vogue Hombre June 2015 - Ben Hill, shot by fashion photographer Matthew Scrivens, stars in a fashion story of the latest issue of the Mexican magazine.

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If your job requires you to look good at all times (as with David Gandy, my second fave male model), pulling off a three-piece should be easy.

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