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February fisticuffs? 'Mad March hares' start the boxing matches a month early

young hooligans -- swearing, chewing tobacco and always picking fights * Hares boxing


Mother kangaroo reaches for her joey as male companion holds her head

Heartbreaking: A male kangaroo cradles the head of a lifeless mother as she reaches out for her joey on a property in River Heads, a coastal town in Queensland

Weekend celebrations for first birthday for adorable koala joey Imogen

New baby joey koala named Baxter at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Baxter and another male joey nam...


Midgee and her new male joey laying way back in his arms ~ rmsp (snoozing and snuggling. Taken inside Gumleaf Hideout at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on 4/23/11.)~


Roger the musclebound kangaroo poses for an another intimidating photo

The red kangaroo made headlines last year when he was photographed crushing a metal bucket with his paws


These Stunning Photos Prove Boxing Kangaroos Are Actually A Thing

* * VICTIM ROO: "OMPF! Yoo playin' dirty pool punching meez in de gut wif yer surfboard feetz! Yoo be tryin' to disembowel me" KICKIN' ROO: "Izn't dat wut we supposed to beez doin'? Dis nots noes game. Dis be de genuine article!"


A kangaroo chilling in the sun and a pair of kissing bonobos! Photographer captures snaps of zoo animals acting like humans

Sleepy: Lash the 38-year-old male silver-back gorilla looks tired as he shows his teeth when taking a huge yawn