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Male Feet

Wearing a crew neck jumper, brown lace-ups and just-the-right-side of distressed jeans to the La Maison Remy Martin members club in London. This is dressed-down done right.%0AVote for Idris Elba to win GQ Readers’ Best-Dressed Man in Britain here.

from The Male Celebrity

Gerard Butler [300]

Gerard Butler | Gerard Butler [300] | The Male Celebrity


Curculio glandium is a species of weevil known as the acorn weevil. Its most striking feature is its elongated snout, known as a 'rostrum', which is longer in females than males. Adults have a brownish and patterned body.


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Islam has raised the status of Women from below the earth to so high that Paradise lies at her feet. This was one of the things that was taught about women under the education system of Islam to all it's citizens, male and female, from a young age. Which will underpin the attitudes towards women under Islamic teachings (state). People, including men, were natured in an environment where women were seen as a trust from Allah (SWT) that must be honoured and protected. The islamic laws created…