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Icarus Falling (Sun, reversed)

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Bran the Blessed - Celtic God of Rejuvenation and Protection, Lord of Ravens. He died protecting modern-day England, but his severed head continued talking and giving advice for several months afterward. When it at last stopped, it was buried in the White Hill, where some say the Tower of London stands today. According to folklore, that is why ravens still guard the Tower of London.

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In my naughty dreams ... : Photo More

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Lucifer by Guillaume Geefs, 1848 - "The word Lucifer means 'Bearer of Light' and describes the function and effect of the acosmic power that brings the gifts of forbidden wisdom, enlightenment, intellect, imagination and gnosis. Lucifer is within the esoteric context the secret, invisible and black fire (The First Sun/Son of the Black Light) that burns to ashes and dissolves all illusions, and awakens and strengthens the inner Black Flame and opens the all-seeing eye of the Self."

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deviant dark art love the wings in contrast to the warrior image

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% #Gothic #London #Vampires # Crime, dark angel, feathers, wings, male, muscular, beauty, fantasy art, amazing

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(Open role play. Powers allowed. No fandoms). She carefully approached me. I haut turned away. "Are you ok?" She asked. I didn't answer. I couldn't. "Hello?" I turned. "Are you ok?" She asked again. (I need someone to be her.)

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Harnesses & Sculptural Leather

I missed the cape trend so I'm gunning on leather feather harnesses.

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Proud Fallen Angel Alukiel - reg by DavidGaillet on deviantART

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