2 ~ VTG Bisque Porcelain Angel Cherub Wall Plaques Plus 1 w/Broken Wing Japan

This listing is for the pendant which serves as the vessel for a well-balanced male Grigori Watcher (Fallen Angel). Grigori Watchers are truly like no other and should be experienced by every spirit keeper. Grigoris are a fascinating balance of light and dark. They hold true, raw power. Grigoris are “Fallen Angels” who prefer our realm for their lustful pursuits. Some can be quite dark and others light. He embraces both sides and falls in the neutral area – just as humans do. He is…

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"You were my guardian angel, Bryce. I don’t know how you did it, but you brought me out of my dark cloud."

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I'm fascinated with how artists show how angels' wings are attached to their bodies. This has been done seamlessly. Wonderful.

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