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... since demons were once angels, their righteousness cannot have been completely overcome. Just covered up, hidden, buried so deep into their souls that they can ignore it. But we can never forget,"Belieal said sadly, feeling the hollow bit of himself that had once been full. "We can never forget what we've lost, and I think that that is our greatest curse of all. - Kenneth Evers


Bran the Blessed - Celtic God of Rejuvenation and Protection, Lord of Ravens. He died protecting modern-day England, but his severed head continued talking and giving advice for several months afterward. When it at last stopped, it was buried in the White Hill, where some say the Tower of London stands today. According to folklore, that is why ravens still guard the Tower of London.


Raphael is the name of an archangel in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity and Judaism, Raphael is known to perform acts of healing.


20 great photo manipulations by Joe Diamond

Gargoyles are guardians whose job is often to protect and train children, such as Demi-Gods and Demi-Angels. Gargoyles are not very common in modern times but they were once a very strong and powerful species


Angel Names & Descriptions

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Raziel is known as the ''The Angel of Mysteries' and his name means 'Secret of God'. He encourages us to develop our inner wisdom and spirituality and to discover our true life path.


The Fall and The Lift - a Poem

Vince could not go with Libitha and their child, who would only survive if they left now. Which meant he wouldn't see them again until he died. Of course Libitha had made him promise he wouldn't make that day come sooner than it should, but it was this twist of fate that meant he was grateful the time in hell added to his life had made him old.