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Cool, fantasy art, Angel, wings, feathers, powerful, muscle, hot, sexy, beauty

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20 great photo manipulations by Joe Diamond

Wings and fragility- not quite human.

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The Fall and The Lift - a Poem

Vince could not go with Libitha and their child, who would only survive if they left now. Which meant he wouldn't see them again until he died. Of course Libitha had made him promise he wouldn't make that day come sooner than it should, but it was this twist of fate that meant he was grateful the time in hell added to his life had made him old.


“This human body is the greatest body in the universe, and a human being the greatest being. Man is higher than all animals, than all angels; none is greater than man. ― Swami Vivekananda


Facing the Shadow Self. The shadow was originally Jung’s poetic term for the totality of the unconscious. But foremost for Jung was the task of further illuminating the shadowy problem of human evil and the prodigious dangers of excessive unconsciousness.


My board Angel 6 is just for the male angels!!! will add a few to here.... will move the other male images in boards Angel 1 upward to that one....just an FYI if you are following them... :)