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Malcolm Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge*

“Now I know I am an intellectual. I saw Malcolm Muggeridge on the television last night, and I understood nearly every word. It all adds up. A bad home, poor diet, not liking punk. I think I will join the library and see what happens.” The diary of one of the most loveably geeky characters in literature.


A more beautiful (and accurate) way of saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."


Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge,

Me want! A biographical exploration into the spiritual lives of some of the greatest writers in the English language: Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh, C.S. Lewis, Malcolm Muggeridge, Graham Greene, Edith Sitwell, Siegfried Sassoon, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy Sayers, T.S. Eliot and J.R.R. Tolkien. The role of George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells in intensifying the religious debate despite not being converts themselves is also considered. Literary Converts - Joseph Pearce : Ignatius…