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Illnesses of our ancestors

Flu Season and other Illnesses Today many of the diseases that afflicted…


"What is malaria and how does it effect a person's body?" A great question deserves a great infographic. Help #SweetSleep keep orphans from getting #malaria by deciding to provide a child with an $8 net.


Sickle-cell disease - may cause leg and foot ulcer (as my father has) and sore axillary lymph nodes, deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin D (as I have). I also have constant anemias that improve after vitamin B12 injections. I know that the nutrient deficiency is causing constant inflammation and migraines.When I take the supplements I feel better.

Worldwide elimination of Malaria is an achievable goal, even if there is still a long way to go. With intelligent distribution of resources, circumvention of resistance and forward-thinking millions of lives can be saved.


Gordon Medical Associates - A-FNG Part Two: Chronic Mold Infections and Lyme Disease.