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Malaria Diagnosis

20-cent, whirligig-inspired Paperfuge could help diagnose diseases -

Falciparum- banana shaped gametocyte (falcip does not have trophozoite stage) (vs. band form of developing troph in p. malariae)

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Stanford engineers use 3D printing to transform children's toy into 20-cent malaria diagnosis device

Microscopy Microscopy (morphologic analysis) continues to be the "gold standard" for malaria diagnosis. Parasites may be visualized on bot...

Meaning: Season 3 Episode 1: originally broadcast on Fox on September 5, 2006 | Caren Krause (Clare Kramer) and Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) | final diagnosis: 1) Scurvy 2) Addison's Disease

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A human-powered paper centrifuge

Immunochromatographic Methods in Malaria Diagnosis

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease of humans and other animals. It is caused by eukaryotic protists. The disease results from the multiplication of Plasmodium parasites within the red blood cells. Symptoms usually include fever and headache. In sever cases, it may lead to coma or death. It is the main disease that is affecting Africa and other tropical and subtropical areas.