Making slime with borax

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Finally! A way to make slime that really works! No liquid starch, no borax, no detergent. Super simple, and super stretchy! Ours stretched over 40 feet!

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Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe: Learn how to create perfect Unicorn poop slime (rainbow slime) to play with!

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25 Slime Recipes - Learn how to make slime with borax, without borax, and enjoy some sensory fun with these HOT SLIME IDEAS

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Best DIY Slime Recipes - Cool and Easy Slime Recipe Ideas Without Glue, Without Borax, For Kids, With Liquid Starch, Cornstarch and Laundry Detergent - How to Make Slime at Home - Fun Crafts and DIY Projects for Teens, Kids, Teenagers and Teens - Galaxy and Glitter Slime, Edible Slime

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Rainbow Slime: How to make rainbow slime for sensory fun and super awesome playtime - Beautiful, colorful, and awesome!

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