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Easy homemade curry pastes

Easy homemade curry pastes Five amazing homemade spicy little numbers My easy curry paste recipes for making a mean korma, jalfrezi, rogan josh, tikka masala and vindalo


Santa step-by-step tutorial - For all your Christmas cake decorations, please visit


Uses for Quark

Quark can be used in place of any recipe that uses soft cheese. E.g. a couple of dollops with mashed potato; mix with a sachet of Options hot chocolate as a dessert, or as a low-syn cake topping; use mixed with passatas instead of cream in curries; mix with red or green pesto and use with pasta; stuff a chicken breast with Quark, ham, garlic and herbs for a chicken kiev style treat; mix with egg, ham and cheese for a crustless quiche; make your own pate by whizzing it in a blender with…


Is there anything better than a beautiful bowl of pasta with the perfect tomato sauce? For me there really isn't: I’ve always adored the amazing simplicity of the dish and it’s wonderfully warming,...


Try adding crushed chilli flakes into a good quality olive oil and leave to infuse, you then are left with a spicy oil perfect for cooking with in pasta sauces or as a topping on pizza.


Pasta Shells With Italian Sausage & Tomato Ragu

Simple, inexpensive ingredients but bursting with flavour. I strongly recommend you use Italian sausages for this recipe, available from Italian delicatessens and most supermarkets – they are slightly coarser and more highly seasoned than most British sausages (sometimes including fennel, garlic and wine) – but any pure pork sausages would be fine provided you season the dish well. You can make your own pasta shells (find the recipe for this in the series book) or look for them in…

Ramen Cheat Sheet #Infographic #Food #Noodles

Low FODMAP dinners for the whole family

Chicken chow mein Who needs a calorific Chinese takeaway when you can make your own low FODMAP chicken chow mein at home?