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The real story behind the statues.
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The real story behind the statues.

The real story behind the statues.>>>> I personally know nothing about the statues (I don't even know what's in my own area I don't leave my house) I don't what I think, but I'm passing it on

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How to Make Viking Soap

The Vikings were very clean compared to the other cultures of their day. In fact, according to cleric John of Wallingford, the Vikings combed their hair daily, changed their woolen undergarments often and bathed each week. Viking Answer Lady also states that archaeological evidence shows that the Vikings made their own soap. Their soap contained...

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Take a step for what is right. now keep going. other will join you and make it a march.


Fairy Bed- I am imagining a garden with things like this scattered around it. You could have a whole fairy village! Wouldn't that just be magical for kids!? I want to make that one day


Practice makes perfect. I've mastered some of the most dysfunctional defense mechanism in my life but I can pinpoint most of them which has been helpful in growing and changing. A continual process.

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10 WordPress Themes that were made for the Ultimate Girlboss

When’s the last time you gave your blog a little refresh? I know it isn’t great to change your theme much, as it’s great to keep a certain image for your “brand”. Well it’s that time of year where were jotting down goals for ourselves, blogs, relationships, work, and more. If a goal that you’ve chosen is to get a fresh look or make a change for the blog, then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration! I’ve compiled 10 WordPress (sorry blogger friends! I still love you) themes that I…