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33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters (and why they should be your #1 concern)

33 Ways to Write a Stronger Character and why that should be your #1 concern via

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How Many Obstacles are on the Hero's Journey?

Nothing is ever easy for the hero! On the monomythical Hero's Journey, the main character should endure 15 obstacles on the "Road of Trials."


The Charlotte Adams mystery series by Mary Jane Maffini. These are set in upstate New York, and the main character is a professional organizer. There are lots of great organizing tips in each of the books, and she has two cute miniature dachshunds. I wish Ms Maffini would write more of them!


The Lacy Steele mystery series by Vanessa Gray Bartal. Set in small-town New York, the main character is a freelance journalist-turned-entrepreneur. I love these driven young female protagonists who take on a huge project in order to save an historic building.


all about me adjectives, Not really UDL but could be cute for the first week of school in the intermediate grades as a getting to know you activity.


Okay, so if I want to be the main character in an anime, I have to dye my hair and abnormal color, "rebel" , dress differently, & sit in the second to last seat near the window....GOT IT!


A great book that takes you back in time, and really spreads the scents that the main character discovers in his life journey.

Ayyyyy YANDERE!!! ^-^/.....okay maybe its not such a good thing...but eh its cool