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Magnus Carlsen

noticias - "De niño prodigio a genio" - Magnus Carlsen, la película |

from the Guardian

Leonard Barden on Chess

Eight elite Grand Masters are challenging for the chance to take on Magnus Carlsen for the title of World Champion

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Chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen enters endgame for world title

Norwegian 22-year-old grandmaster Magnus Carlsen has been described as the greatest chess player of all time. Photo: Fred Jonny for the Guardian.


Magnus Carlsen World Championship Chess Set

This chess set is a luxury collection that has been designed for the chess world championships. The king stands at 3.75 inches tall.


Magnus Carlsen – Anatoli Karpov, Reykjavik Rapid 2004 Magnus Carlsen 33 Images of Magnus Carlsen's Path to Success In 2013, at the age of 22, Carlsen became 16th World Chess Champion. After becoming a world chess champion he was asked what would he prefer: being world’s number 1 or having a world chess championship title? He shrugged his shoulders and said, both. 21.6. 2014 NCO eCommerce,