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How magnetic bracelets work. It's all about blood circulation through a magnetic field. # therapy_magnets #Magnets_for_therapy #biomagnetips

The End of Antibiotics — Magnet Therapy is the Future of Fighting Infection


6 Benefits of Biomagnets Read:


Magnetic Therapy: Understanding The Benefits of Polarity in Magnet Healing

What Is Polarity Therapy? Even after twenty plus years of study, practice and training polarity therapists I still wince when asked that one simple question.


Scientific Test: Magnet Therapy (Medical Biomagnetism/Biomagnetic Pair). Dr. Goiz and Dr. Hilu (Spain 2009)

Magnetic Therapy known as Medical Biomagnetism or the Biomagnetic Pair is gaining rapid popularity plain and simply because it works. Although it may sound unusual…


We can do this if we study and obey His word daily that it transforms us: "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well," Psalm 139:14.


SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT CONTENT Using the frequencies from 27-44Hz, this binaural beat track contains the said frequencies that, according study, is the ran...