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Deep Purple pg. 126 over Selsor Chun with 2% Copper Carb. Deep Purple Cone 6 Oxidation Custer Feldspar 27 Nepheline Syenite 14 Silica 33 Whiting 12 Magnesium Carbonate 1.7 Gerstley Borate 8.6 Lithium Carbonate 3.7 Add Tin Oxide 4.8 Chrome Oxide 0.17 Cobalt Carbonate 0.6 Bentonite 2 Selsor Chun 2 F-4 Feldspar 34 Whiting 10 Zinc Oxide 3 Dolomite 6 Silica 30 Frit 3134 17 copper carbonate 2 Bentonite 2

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Kutnohorite is a rare calcium manganese carbonate mineral with magnesium, and a member of the dolomite group. NChwaning II Mine, North Cape Province, South Africa

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15 Beautiful Objects We Don’t Use Anymore

"Salt wasn’t always shake-able. In the early part of the 20th century, the Morton Salt Company of Chicago added magnesium carbonate to their salt to make it flow. Before that, salt was clumpy and rough, served in little containers (salt cellars) that you’d pinch your serving out of. Of course, if you were fancy, you’d have something like these silver seashells, with accompanying tiny spoons."

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Baking Soda-sending oxygen molecules through cancer cells destroys them – The Nightmare of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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John Britt - 70 Nepheline Syenite/ 25 Magnesium Carbonate.5 ball clay. Just try the recipe with soda feldspar and then add frit 2%, 4%, 6%, etc. Up to 12%. cone 5/6 front ones were Red iron 2%, tin 4%, zirconium silicate 8%, cobalt .05%, copper carb. 35, etc. The last ones were stains at 5- 8%.

Shiny white 1260 degrees centigrade crawl. Apply thick to get crawl. Thicker gives larger crawl areas, thinner gives smaller crawl areas. Too thin and glaze just goes cloudy white with no crawl present. (Best to use Magnesium Carbonate LIGHT in recipe). Clay body used: Potclays white grogged stoneware.

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Multi | 36” x 9.5” | 27” Wheelbase Features: Drop-through mounted trucks Symmetrical shape Lite Carbon Hollow Core Full top griptape with print Slant 180mm Magnesium reverse kingpin trucks (Magnesium trucks 20% Lighter) Dusters Abec 7 bearings 65mm x 47mm 83A wheels

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