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Sand that never gets wet! Such a fun sensory activity for the kids. #babyfirst… More

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DIY: Kinetic Sand: 5 cups of extra fine sand, 2 1/2 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of water/baby oil, food coloring

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Amazingly fun ways to play with sand including recipes for aqua sand, magic sand, sand slime, sand paint, homemade colored sand, and how to make a sand volcano.

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Magic sand! Sand and bicarb mixed together. Spray mixture of vinegar and food colouring on the sand and it fizzes. EYFS

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For all of the parents who have spent tons of cash on moonsand!! :) moonsand - mix together 4 cups sand, 2 cups cornflour, and 1 cup of water.

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Make your own MAGIC AQUA SAND. The sand is waterproof and reacts to liquid in such a unique way, allowing kids to build amazing underwater castles and sculptures.

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