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No, the night before E.O.G's and E.O.C's and I'm listening to avenged sevenfold, asking Alexandria, metallica and more. *starts metal screaming the next line* I'M SO CALM!!!!!!! But seriously it helps. TRU STORY

from Newsweek

Google is not your doctor

WHY TRUSTING GOOGLE FOR YOUR HEALTH IS A BAD IDEA From maggot therapy to bloodthirsty leeches, some of today’s more experimental medical practices forget that fundamental edict about not harming patients.

maggots in dreams. someone elses post says ~Creepy, yet calming. Maggots' excretions soothe inflamed wounds, speeding healing. Credit: Cory Doctorow

from Metro

5 of the strangest modern medical treatments

#Therapy #NHS 5 of the strangest modern medical treatments - Ketamin and maggots? Dr McShane, of the Oxford NHS foundation trust, said that they'd seen 'remarkable changes' in people they treated for severe depression.

Biotherapy is the use of live animals to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of illness. Examples of biotherapy include service animals (such as guide dogs), wound therapy with leeches (hirudotherapy) or maggots (also known as "maggot therapy," "maggot debridement therapy" [MDT], "larval therapy," or (biodebridement") and even "good germs" that can rid us of "bad germs" (phage therapy, for example, whereby viral parasites of specific pathogenic bacteria search and destroy those bacteria).