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Lemur Facts! - The Lemurs are found only in Madagascar and Comoro Island. They are rather odd animals because of their large, reflective eyes, long tails, and hands that are almost like a human’s.

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Tips to Survive the Plague in the Modern Era

As much as we would like to think otherwise, the infamous Black Death of the 14th century has never fully vanished. In fact, around 200 cases of the plague are reported every year, with most incidents confined to Madagascar, Peru, and the Congo. The key word here is “most.” In 2015 alone, we have already seen two plague deaths in Colorado and a child’s infection (and subsequent recovery) in California.

Mouse Lemurs, Mouse Lemur Pictures, Mouse Lemur Facts - National Geographic The Latin word lemures means "ghost." Malagasy people have traditionally associated these primates with spirits because they are active at night, and perhaps because of their eerie, large-eyed stare. There are eight species of mouse lemurs, and several have been identified only in the past few years. This is a rarity in primate research, and illustrates just how much remains to be known about these fascinating…