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Timelines are a wonderful way to display information so people can better understand a chain of events in sequence. I thought this timeline of William Shakespeare was interesting because it showed the progression of his life and his work within the same information graphic.

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The Bard by the Numbers

Shakespeare in Numbers//This would be fun to show my students when we read Hamlet later in the semester


Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under't ... Shakespeare ... Lady Macbeth ... Quote ... Macbeth


Something that I would say in my daily life to the idiots that are surrounding me.


3-2-1 ELA English Language Arts Reading Closure Activity - could be used for any 2nd language learning (translate and use for Spanish language building)

As Shakespeare's work grew in popularity, it began to spread outside of England…
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Shakespeare around the world [infographic

As Shakespeare's work grew in popularity, it began to spread outside of England…


Mare is a female Vette, who gives people bad dreams at night by sitting on them in their sleep. She is a common belief in Germanic folklore, and appears in many different shapes. The Scandinavian words for Nightmare, are: Norwegian – Mareritt, Danish – Mareridt, Swedish – Mardröm, which directly translated means Mare-ride, and Mare-dream.


Vince Noir has long since tipped us off that the ruff was making a comeback, and here it is. This time round though there are many new and exciting interpretations of this accessory. Giles Deacon has translated the original shape into a decorative collar using camouflage shapes, instantly bringing this historic shape bang up to date. Gareth Pugh has added drama suing the ruff in his ‘Lady Macbeth’ collection.

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Your Favorite Pop Songs, Reimagined As Shakespeare Sonnets

If Shakespeare Wrote Pop Songs... Modern pop songs written in iambic pentameter...


Tweeting Shakespeare Is A HIT! Find out how some ADHD seniors did with this new type of teaching. Translation and interpretation all in one!