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Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

This is useful if you've just come upon the clone wars and want to be able to identify the different clones on the field.


10 Nov 41: The US Army updates uniform regulations, replacing the WWI-era doughboy helmet with the iconic M-1 steel helmet, which will be standard issue for the US military for over 40 years. Over 22 million will be made by the end of World War II. More: #WWII


A Medic of an unidentified unit takes some time out and feeds some birds resting on an upturned 10-in-1 Ration box. The GI wears HBT Coveralls, and has square medical markings on his M1 Helmet. Source: US National Archives


US infantry, 1942-1945. 01 - M1 helmet 02 - M1934 shirt 03 - M1934 sweatshirt 04 - M1941 trousers 05 - service boots 06 - M1938 leggins 07 - M1926 life belt 08 - M1937 ammo belt 09 - M1924 personal dressing 10 - M1910 canteen 11 - gas mask bag 12 - M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle with M1907 belt 13 - armband 14, 15 - obvious 16 - shoulder badges: A - 1st Armoured B - 2nd Arm C - 3rd Infantry E - 34th Inf F - 1st Inf


On Iwo Jima, a U.S. Marine aims his M1 Garand rifle at the enemy with an uncertain grip. His helmet cover identifies him as "Martin 1". Note the cases of Japanese ammo used by him for his perch. (1945)

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1940s American M1 Helmet - WW2 Memorabilia

1940s American M1 Helmet WW2 Memorabilia the Canadian armed forces in the late 60s-In the back is a bullseye target for practice

A Good US Army M1 Helmet WW2 1941-44. Early Front Seam Type lacking loops, with liner. The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the United States military from World War