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10 scary facts about lyme disease Infographic

10 scary facts about lyme disease Infographic

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Most Australia’s are not diagnosed with Lyme disease until the disease has become chronic, also known as Late Stage Lyme disease. This is due to the medical profession being untrained and in…

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Naturally Curing Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease For the sake of brevity, most of the research that we have compiled about Lyme disease is being omitted from this report. We expect to expand upon this topic later. The omissions include how Lyme disease is a U.S. Military bio-weapon that was accidentally released from the Plum Island facility,...

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Did you ever think something This Small could change your life forever? Seems almost impossible doesn't it....

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Welcome to the school of Lyme. 6 tips for those newly diagnosed with Lyme disease. by Jennifer Crystal Every day, I receive emails from people who have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease. As ...MORE

How to Prevent Lyme Disease after a Tick Bite

This is one natural remedy that you need for a tick bite to help prevent all tick borne diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Works for people and animals. I always take this with me when I go camping just in case.

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Beating Lyme Disease with Essential Oils

Some oils may help with the control of Lyme if it is contracted. Here's what you need to know while beating lyme disease with essential oils.

4 common coinfections of lymes disease. Watch out for ticks in the garden. Guinea fowl good for eatings ticks.

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