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10 of the Best Cars Never Built

(770hp Lykan Hypersport set for 2014 top Marques Monaco Debut)


W Motors Lykan Hypersport. Limited to seven cars worldwide each priced at over 3 million dollars! this car is used in fast 7 goes threw 3 yes 3 buildings not two as you saw on the trailer, epic scenes :)

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Supercars You Should Drive Before You Die

I honestly don't know if there's a car more beautiful than this! The Lyken Hypersport, but due to there only being 7 ever made, the seats being stitched with gold fibre and many many incredible space age technologies, this car costs around £3m.... So never gonna own one!

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Lykan Hypersport: o supercarro árabe de US$ 3,4 milhões com diamantes nos faróis de Furious 7

Lykan Hypersport

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Lykan Hypersport Looks And Sounds Immense (VIDEO

Lykan Hypersport. Looks like some kind of alien spacecraft. Very futuristic. Kinda has an Audi R8 feel to it.

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Supercars You Should Drive Before You Die

Yes, the car seen gliding between skyscrapers in Furious 7 actually exists. Dubai-based W Motorsports manufactured the Hypersport. The company is billed as the first Arab supercar automaker, but the Lykan was actually built in Italy and Germany. Geographic confusion aside, the Lykan Hypersport is the epitome of a supercar, topping out at 245 mph with a 750-hp turbo boxer engine.

Luxury "Lykan" Hypersport - At 'only' $3.4 Million - And as of last month, There are only 7 left which remain...


W Motors #Lykan #Hypersport is worth $3.4M, but is not featured on the Top 10 because it is sold out. See the Top 3 Expensive Cars Not Featured on the Top 10. More pictures and info at