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What did lying to each other cost us? When you figure out the answer to this question, maybe, just maybe, you will have matured enough to stop hating me and start understanding that our children are just as important to me as they are to you. Our marriage is about our girls. Someday, you will understand that you failed me. Then and only then, will you understand just how badly I failed you and our girls to get you to grow up. The lies between us cost us everything...


thank you to some of my closest family, for teaching me this lesson. My heart is still breaking. 8-20-13


Yep - good one. How often are women with expectations called these terms? Become a champion for women's rights at


If it took 20 years to realise & believe it, you've been the hostage of a manipulating, fake ass liar!!!


AT two years ago started it all. If it meant nothing, why did hide it? And lie about meeting up again at a class in the fall? Thats when I knew I could no longer trust you. Its not what you did at all- its that you didn't tell me.