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Lycon Wax

Lycon Waxing at A Beauty Revolution


Let your clients know the amazing benefits of waxing and grow your business with LYCON! Leave helpful marketing materials in your waiting room and share information on your website. #HappyWaxing #LYCON


A Lycon legend, the Rosette hot wax. #HappyWaxing #Lycon

Love LYCON and be smooth, removing hair as short as 1mm! #beauty #lycon #love

The Lycon waxing system is chosen at Beauty by Ruth because it is one of the world's leading brands of high quality waxes. Using only natural ingredients in their waxing recipe, the Lycon waxing system will perform better than many other waxes. Beauty by Ruth are only interested in providing quality in all their therapies so ‘The Lycon Waxing System' was a natural choice. This elite brand will remove hair as short as 1mm... FULL ARTICLE…


Get gorgeously smooth legs with Lycon Waxing at A Beauty Revolution


I use only the best Lycon precission wax.