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4th Grade Science Study Guides: Weather, Rocks & Minerals, Moon Phases

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Find the total lunar eclipse schedule here...

Total lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015 - online broadcasts schedule [9.24.2015] via TheWatchers

Real Earth Planet in yellow sun. Remodeled from real Earth NASA photo

Happening Tonight ~ The Blood-Supermoon Eclipse & the Closing of the Great Window (When to see, and what it Means!) | Spirit Science

Sky Watching Event Guide For 2015 | IFLScienceSky Watching Event Guide For 2015 From SeaSky and NASA via IFLS. Lisa Winter lists all the celestial events for 2015, month by month. Get ready, the first meteor shower is January 1st! Going in Astronomy.


There are two parts to the Earth's shadow: the penumbra and the umbra. The umbra is darker because Earth blocks the Sun's direct rays, but there is some direct sunlight in the penumbra. You would scarcely notice the subtle darkening of the Moon passing through the penumbra. (Diagram: Fred Espenak) ©Mona Evans, “Lunar Eclipses”


Here is a groovy time zone chart tweeted by NASA for those planning to watch the Supermoon on Sunday, September 27th, 2015. It will go quick, so be sure to select “Reminders/Notifications” on the smart phones we’re all looking down at so we remember to LOOK UP!