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BEARDREVERED on TUMBLR | bearditorium: Brendan. I have often wondered whether there are any guys out there who wear very convincing looking false moustaches and beards (and lase wigs) every day in order to look totally unrecognisable to give a different first impression. If I had the means, I have at least three or four different looks I would switch according to my daily mood. This look would definitely be one of my choices.


Finifugal (adj) hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship or some other journey


Southern California, two gals dress for working in the garden in1940s. I like the distinctive head wraps that the women used to keep their hair clean and tie it back out of their faces.


White Single Tee

The Tee Project uses only the best 100% panel washed cotton fabric. Which means that the fabric is cut into panels and washed before we sew the tee. This eliminates 99% of the shrinkage. Yes, this is


military and nautical collide. They can do no wrong when in harmony, but be sparing with the details. The colors and stripes are strong enough. The boots can do no wrong in almost any situation.