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Luke Holder Recipes

from Great British Chefs

Salmon mi cuit with beetroots

Luke Holder's exquisite cured salmon recipe would be an excellent starter course for any meal.

from Great British Chefs

Bresaola, gamble down farm short horn home cured, pickled vegetables

Bresaola Recipe With Cured, Pickled Vegetables - Great British Chefs

from Great British Chefs

Garganelli pasta with chorizo and peas

Garganelli pasta with chorizo and peas by Luke Holder

from Great British Chefs

Salmon, new potato and salad cream

This salmon recipe from Luke Holder is comprised of many bright flavours, from…

from Great British Chefs

Bishopstoke Farm lamb, escabeche of vegetables and cheese on toast

This lamb recipe by Luke holder presents lamb three ways – loin, shoulder and belly. The vegetables are a courgette puree, artichoke…

from Great British Chefs

Mackerel confit, cucumber tartare and lemon sherbet dressing

In this mackerel fillet recipe, the mackerel is cured in citrus and served with lemon sherbet dressing. Luke Holder's recipe is a brilliantly fresh take on mackerel.

from Great British Chefs

Barbecue chicken thighs

Luke Holder's summery recipe is a great resource for how to barbecue chicken thighs, serving up with a lovely sweetcorn and chorizo salsa

from Great British Chefs

Pappa pomodoro (Tuscan bread soup)

Pappa pomodoro (Tuscan bread soup) by Luke Holder

from SellfishCat

Macadamia-crusted black cod fillet with orzo and salsa verde

Luke Holder's macadamia-crusted cod recipe is steeped in Italian flavours, pairing the beautiful black cod with orzo and salsa verde for a light and tasty dish.


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