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Just WOW!!!! Poster work for DraculaUntold via Posted by MoustacheLuke #WeWantDraculaUntoldSequel

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Sure, we all like boys every now and then, but loving the men is where it's really at. Luke Evans is the man of everyone's dreams.

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mrlukegorgeous-lila: “Just WOW!!!! Poster work for DraculaUntold via Posted by...

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Luke Evans - deliciously versatile actor, radiates a "thinking male" persona, seems to be able to carry off "any" look. Not many actors out there that truly intrigue me, but I'd really enjoy getting to know him, simply as a person.

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4 Reasons "Dracula Untold" Is A Superhero Movie In Goth Clothing

I like the decoration on the armour - I would like to decorate it using quotations from Tennyson's poetry.

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badassbowman: bardilfula: catharinedesolee: inhale. exhale. ignore. forget. hnggg hnnng

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