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Models Disfigured by Wrapping Elastic Bands on Their Heads

" Dismorfobina "is a series of photographs made ​​by the Spanish artist Natalia Pereira based in Barcelona. A series of portraits whose face was disfigured by a rubber band wrapped tightly around the subject's head reflects " the distortion of our identity when we are desperately trying to fit into a perfect mold that is not ours. An endless quest and need to be what we are not. "

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John Baptizes Jesus (Yeshua): Found in Mat 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, and John 1. Jesus' baptism using upside down blue paper cup and popsicle stick

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Luke 10-13 Color Your Own Bookmarks Bible Journaling Illustrated Faith INSTANT DOWNLOAD Scripture Digital Printable Christian Religious

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Luke 11:5-13. Be persistent when we pray! Easy, inexpensive, and unique children's Bible lessons. Free to all! Take a look and share!

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Bernie Leahy - Stiched drawings, 2008. (Leahy creates large ‘stitched drawings’ using a combination of hand and machine stitching, applied directly to the unmarked canvas.)

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It's a new week #mondaymotivation is to #standstrong #colormyworld #illustratedbible #illustratedfaith #illustratedfaith #illustratedjournaling #journalingbiblecommunity #logansfive 5 for Forging Ahead 1. #embrace the present circumstance (Mark 14:1-9) 2. Be #steadfast (Luke 22:39-45) 3. Stay #close (John 13:22) 4. Remember His #faithfulness (John 14:9-11) 5. #trust Him! (John 16:22-24)

According to Matthew, Mark and Luke (3:13-17, 1:9-11, and 3:21-22 respectively), Jesus had Himself baptized, which seems like a pretty clear indicator that it’s an important thing to do.