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Luigi Galvani

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((1)) Luigi Aloisio Galvani (September, 1737 – December, 1798) was an Italian physician, physicist and philosopher who had also studied medicine and had practised as a doctor, lived and died in Bologna. In 1771, he discovered that the muscles of dead frogs legs twitched when struck by a spark. This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity


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Pile up a battery ➪ Hands-on experiment for school (chemistry, electrochemistry, battery, redox reaction, galvanic cell) -> the scientific dispute between Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta resulted in important discoveries, because both of them argued with experimental evidence. Volta, for his part, even invented the battery to make his point...

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Bicentennial of the death of LUIGI GALVANI - Celebrazioni del bicentenario della morte di Luigi Galvani (Bologna, Settembre 1998 - Novembre 2009)