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The chest muscle is a tricky little muscle that for most people just refuses to grow. If you want to fix your unbalanced chest muscle you need a chest exercises blueprint so you would know what exercise you need to do for each part of your chest. If you want to work on your outer upper chest or inner upper chest and so on with the middle and lower chest. This infographic will teach you how every chest exercise effects the chest muscle fibers. #infographic


Lower Back Workout.To Help Reduce Lower Back Pain, Tension, Stiffness and Soreness


This is a simple, alternating, high-burn workout that will leave you out of breath and feeling like you’re worthy of the title of “Epic”. Do...


The Navy Seals are one of the toughest, elite fighting forces in the world. To survive the drills you need to reach deep down inside and find the warrior you know is there. You may think you need strength for that or bravery or a daring spirit but...


What it works: Quads, chest, triceps, biceps, abs, core, lower abs, lower back, glutes. Tip:These are isometric exercise designed to pit o...


Try this one if you're new to HIIT workouts or you need something that's a bit more lower impact. You don't need any equipment and you can do this one anywhe...