Broken Iraq and a Working Kurdistan - - #GKP

Sirius Minerals says York Potash Project will deliver strong long-term benefits -

Dwindling North Sea oil revenues would leave an independent Scotland in a ‘precarious’ economic position the Chancellor warned, as he delivered a triple whammy to separatists. -

Ortac (OTC) have now started underground mining at Surec in Slovakia - - #OTC

The Sunday Times, Blinkx said that trading in the first half had been below expectations, with revenues and earnings suffering particularly at the end of the second quarter. - - #BLNX

Are you visiting USA, UK, India or Australia this holiday season? Etihad Airways is considered one of the best options to go with. Etihad Airways, from time to time, offers some of the best fares on a number of routes, compared to many of its competitor airlines. Always book online using Etihad Airways promo codes and claim low prices of flight tickets. For all the 2017 promotional offers, do visit and redeem your share of savings.

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The Box Low Loft Bed with Dressers and Desk is a fun and functional loft for your child!

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The Times, Ofgem, Energy and Voltage across the UK - - #Ofgem

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