Jim Henson's 'The Labyrinth' was another childhood favourite and still is due to the brilliant use of props, sets, costumes and creatures.

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You know when you see those eyes that cut like a knife, that make you loose your train of thought // Van McCann

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I Love You Like A Hobbit Loves Second Breakfast Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Pillow Cover The Hobbit Lord Of The Rings Tolkien Home Decor

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P.S. I Love You makes me cry every darn time! Darn you Gerard Butler for not only being ridiculously good looking but so good in this character.

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A Little Princess - production design bob welch, art director tom duffield, set decorator A cheryl carasik (the team that brought you bettlejuice, edward scissorhands, and men in black.)

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JUNO The 24 coolest teen movies ever made to watch and rewatch all the time http://wnli.st/teenmovies

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