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Dearest Princess M will LOVE You Forever and ever no matter where we r we know we reside in each other souls 4 eva muaaa luv u loads


When my IN*U have her last breath after so many decades from now....just after that her soul can see my soul stretching the hands and holding her to a new life where thereafter she will be mine I will be hers.....only thing is that I have to wait that long time....and I will wait

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Community Post: Which Evan Peters Character From "AHS" Is Your Soulmate?

I got Tate Langdon! Tate is a passionate person when it comes to people he loves. He will always be by your side through the ups and downs. Tate will love you for eternity and will wait for you forever. But he can be too protective and can get violent. Which Evan Peters Character From "AHS" Is Your Soulmate?


I love you, Written in Circular Gallifreyan. Nerdy Dr. Who tattoo idea. May be true, may not. I'm far too tired to actually look at the source, but... Just in case.