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Love Paragraphs For Her

Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson. When life with Jayni's violent-tempered father becomes too frightening to cope with, Jayni, her mum and her little brother Kenny are forced to escape in the middle of the night.

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THANK YOU. I hate it when people justify Snape's abuse of Harry with the fact that he was bullied by James.

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"Very gently and quietly ...she became conscious of a new feeling within her" -Virginia Woolf

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I have a whole long paragraph I could write to this but I'll keep it short. I love how Snow looks at Emma for the first time as her daughter, and looks at what she's done for herself to get her this far, and is proud. For once, Emma loses that tough woman image, and just becomes the little girl who's always yearned for her parents.

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Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful.-Lao Tzu - Imgur

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That is sad... <--- Extremely so! Harley is so much more and so much better than that!!

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